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Benefits of Belonging

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Preached during the morning service on 17 May 2020 by .

Sermon Notes

Hi everyone,

I hope that you are well and knowing God’s grace. We may be in the midst of an unusual time at the moment, but we must remember that Jesus is still on the throne and reigns upon high, seated at the right hand of the Father. One day soon, every knee will bow at His coming and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is LORD!

This week has been quite reflective for Carla and I. We were due to be in Israel this week, exploring the sights where Jesus once walked. I was due to be baptising a lovely Christian lady whom we have come to love very much and today I would have been preaching in a small synagogue at the hotel. Not to be.

Being in Herefordshire a year now, has also caused us to look back and reflect upon what the LORD has done. Christmas seemed a particularly poignant time as attendance on Sunday’s had been steadily increasing and new members added in the lead up to a packed Christmas family service. My most vivid snapshot is of some young regular attendees standing in the foyer to allow visitors a space to sit down in the chapel.

2020 then began with the glorious baptism of James and his ‘old man’s’ birthday (sorry Mark, Ellie told me that 50 is officially classed as old!).

What a start to the year!

Then came the floods! By God’s grace our building was spared despite buildings all around us being devastated.

Then came COVID-19 and the many questions that followed:

Why has God allowed this? What is He teaching us? What must we do?

I do not pretend to know the exact will of God and determine all of His purposes throughout this time; however, I do believe that He is enforcing a time of REST, REFINEMENT & REPENTANCE and I may well take a break from our time in Philippians one Sunday, to share my thoughts in greater detail.

Please pray that the LORD would guide me by His Spirit in this.

Spurgeon once said: ‘anything that causes us to pray is a blessing’, and oh have we prayed since COVID-19 showed up! We must continue.

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Counting every blessing

Today’s Sermon – Philippians 2:1-4

  1. The Benefits to Belonging
  2. Unity
  3. Humility

The strange picture you see when you click the link here is my golf putter. Take a close look at the welding joint between the shaft and head, and hopefully my illustration will make a little more sense!

You are my all in all – Karis

Grace to you

Pastor Kristian Dimond