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Thought for the Day – 001

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Preached during the morning service on 22 March 2020 by .

Sermon Notes

While I was reading a book by C H Spurgeon, an idea came to me
that I trust will be a help to us all.
These are unprecedented days in which we are now living, and we
need to challenge, encourage and support each other in whatever
way we can. Like many of you, we too are isolated due to our age
and health issues, so being in contact with other believers is so
We all miss Kristian’s ministry which has been a real blessing to
us. Until his ministry resumes, and we are able once again to meet
together, we must help each other spiritually as well as physically.
From this morning we are sending a daily thought which we trust
will be helpful to you. We will try and keep it daily for as long as
possible, but please accept this apology if we, on some occasions,
miss our target.
It is encouraging to know that friends throughout the United
Kingdom are now sharing with us in these daily thoughts. Our
church buildings may be closed, but we as God’s people can still
have fellowship with each other wherever we live. One way is to
know that we are reading these notes together. So we at Wellington
Chapel welcome friends from as far north as Sunderland, as south
as Sussex, as east as Canterbury and as west as Tenby. In these
critical days it is so good to have fellowship with you all in this way.
Warm Christian greetings to you all.

Isaiah 58:11 — ‘And the Lord will guide you continually.’
Recommended reading: Acts 16:6-15
The Lord will guide you continually. Set your eyes on the word
‘will’. ‘The Lord WILL guide you.’ That is a certain guarantee. He will
neither leave us nor forsake us.
God’s precious ‘wills’ are far better than man’s guarantees. We can
depend completely on all God’s promises. He will never fail those
who put their trust in Him.
Now notice the adverb ‘continually’. We are not to be guided
sometimes, or even most times, but all times. We have a constant
and always reliable guide. All He asks of us is that we listen to the
voice of the Good Shepherd and follow close on His heels. If we do
so, we shall not go astray, but be led in the right way to our heavenly
Have you ever tried to find your way through a maze, such as the
one at Hampton Court? If so, you will know how difficult it is to find
your way to the centre.
Life can at times seem like a maze. The days in which we are now
living are bewildering and confusing to many people. But Almighty
God can see it all. He who rules over everything He has created,
looks down from above, as a person looks down upon a map. He
sees the complete picture from beginning to end.
If we only keep our eyes upon Him, and remain in constant
communion with Him, we shall not go astray and will eventually
come to the goal of our hopes, which is to be with Him eternally.
Most mazes have one entrance. We enter the Christian life through
one door, the Lord Jesus Christ (John 10:9) and we aim for one

Wrong paths lead to a dead end when we fail to obey our guide.
Sometimes we find ourselves going round in circles and getting
nowhere. We need, at all times, to keep our eyes fixed upon Jesus,
and although He may lead us around, He will never lead us astray.
Proverbs 3:5‑6 — ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not
lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him
and He WILL direct your paths.’

Father, although I cannot see
the future you have planned,
and though the path is sometimes dark
and hard to understand,
yet give me faith, through joy and pain,
to trace your loving hand.

When I recall that in the past
your promises have stood
through each perplexing circumstance
and every changing mood,
I rest content that all things work
together for my good.
Whatever, then, the future brings
of good or seeming ill,

I ask for strength to follow you
and grace to trust you still;
and I would look for no reward,
except to do your will.
John Eddison
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