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Thought for the Day – 003

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Preached during the morning service on 24 March 2020 by .

Sermon Notes


Ephesians 4:3 —
‘Eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.’
Recommended reading: Romans 15:1-13
Yesterday we considered our unity in Christ. This morning we turn
our thoughts to our unity with each other.
Unity of the Spirit doesn’t come naturally for any of us. We are all
so different — in personality, in temperament, and in our likes and
dislikes. We all have our preferences and tend to think that our ways
and ideas are the best. We can feel hurt if someone disagrees with
us. That is human nature.
This is why we are to work hard at maintaining unity. We must
not take it for granted, but be eager to maintain that which is so
precious. Let us cultivate everything that would encourage unity.
If any are sick, let us care for them; if any are discouraged, build
them up; if any are troubled, sympathise with them; if we are aware
of faults in another, admonish them with love and affection.
Be patient with others, as we wish them to be patient with us. Treat
one another as you would like to be treated. Above all we must, if at
all possible, be peacemakers and not troublemakers.
We need to remember to walk in our brothers’ or sisters’ shoes
before we knock them over.
We cannot keep the unity of the Spirit unless we all believe the
Bible’s teaching. We want unity in the truth of God. Let us live near
to Christ, for that is the best way in promoting Christian unity.
One final, but important, thought is that we all have an adversary
who will do anything to undermine our unity in the gospel.
Therefore, let us resist him at all times and strive with all our energy
to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.
I would draw your attention to verse 4 of the following hymn. May
these words encourage us, especially during this difficult time for
us all.
Have a good day!

Blessed be the tie that binds
our hearts in Christian love;
the fellowship of kindred minds
foreshadows that above.

Before our Father’s throne
we pour our fervent prayers;
our fears, our hopes, our aims are one,
our comforts and our cares.

We share our mutual woes,
our mutual burdens bear;
and often for each other flows
the sympathizing tear.

When for a while we part,
this thought will soothe our pain:
in Christ we still are joined in heart
and we shall meet again.

This glorious hope revives
our courage on the way,
while each in expectation lives
and longs to see that day.

From sorrow, toil and pain
and sin we shall be free,
and perfect love and friendship reign
through all eternity.

John Fawcett, 1740-1817
CCLI – 1050955