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Thought for the Day – 058

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Preached during the morning service on 18 May 2020 by .

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DAY 58
Psalm 119:68 — ‘You are good, and do good.’

Recommended reading: Psalm 107:1-15

The Goodness of God.

To say that God is good seems so inadequate compared to some of His attributes.
It seems weak and feeble. Yet He is good and does good.
Do you remember those great days at school? I will always remember my
mother’s final words when leaving home, ‘Don’t forget to be good.’ As If I wasn’t!
Do you also remember your end of term report? You know, the one you opened
before your parents, despite it being addressed to them. Do you remember
its layout? Maths: good; Geography: good; History: good; Science: good;
English: good. Then the Headmaster gave his overall assessment: Very good.
Unfortunately I don’t remember!
Let’s turn to Genesis 1.

1. We see God’s goodness in Creation.

After each day of creation we read, ‘God saw that it was good.’ Then in v.31 we
read, ‘Then God saw everything that He had made, and indeed it was very good.’
Even today, 6,000 years later, with sin rampant and ungodliness all around us, the
words of Psalm 33:5 are still relevant to us, ‘The earth is full of the goodness of
the LORD.’ We have so much beauty within a short distance of our homes, yet we
often take it all for granted with little thought for the One who gave it all to us.
A 93-year-old man in Italy was so encouraged when his health improved after
being cared for in hospital. When a doctor came round to see him, he told the
old man that he would have to pay for the use of the ventilator for one day. The
old man began to cry. The doctor advised him not to worry over the bill, he
would receive help. The old man said, ‘I don’t cry because of the money I have to
pay. I can pay all the money. I cry because I have been breathing God’s air for 93
years, and I never had to pay anything for it. But for using this ventilator in your
hospital for just one day I have to pay 5,000 Euros. I realise now how much I owe
God. I never thanked Him for it before. His comments made all the medics cry.
When we enjoy God’s creation, do we thank him for it? Beautiful scenery to
enjoy in glorious colour; a wide variety of music from the birds; a wide selection
of scents from the flowers, and much more.
When we see food on our tables, do we thank God for it before we enjoy the
extensive menu? Psalm 136:25 says, ‘Who gives food to all flesh, for His mercy
endures forever.’
Consider the district where you live for a moment. How many live in the fear of
God? How many attend a place of worship? How many give God a thought? Yet
they all avail themselves of God’s goodness without a ‘Thank you.’
If God withdrew His hand, all would collapse. He gives, He orders, He controls.
Why? Because God is good. He makes the sun shine on the just and the unjust.
Luke 6:35 says, ‘ He is kind to the unthankful and evil.’
Acts 14:17, ‘He did not leave Himself without witness, in that He did good,
gave us rain from heaven and fruitful seasons, filling our hearts with food and
Would that all people would praise the Lord for his goodness.

2. We see God’s goodness in salvation.

Despite the fact that all receive some measure of God’s goodness and love, yet
His goodness in grace is something very special, because it is only known to the
Remember that we are all children of wrath. We are no different from other
men and women. But through His goodness we have been chosen to become
recipients of His grace. In His goodness, He sent His only Son, the Lord Jesus
Christ, to give His life for us by shedding His blood upon Calvary’s cross. What we
owe Him can never be repaid.
Oh that Christians would praise the Lord for His goodness.
Though we spurned Him, He didn’t reject us. He gave to us what we did not
deserve: forgiveness of our sins and eternal life. Let us thank Him this morning
for the words of Psalm 23:6, ‘Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the
days of my life; and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever.’

Yes, God is good; in earth and sky,
From ocean depths and spreading wood,
Ten thousand voices seem to cry,
“God made us all, and God is good.”

The sun that keeps his trackless way
And downward pours his golden flood,
Night’s sparkling hosts, all seem to say,
In accents clear, that God is good.

The merry birds prolong the strain,
Their song with every spring renewed;
And balmy air, and falling rain,
Each softly whispers, “God is good.”

I hear it in the rushing breeze;
The hills that have for ages stood,
The echoing sky and roaring seas,
All swell the chorus, God is good.

Yes, God is good, all nature says,
By God’s own hand with speech endued;
And man, in louder notes of praise,
Should sing for joy that God is good.

For all Thy gifts we bless Thee, Lord,
But chiefly for our heavenly food;
Thy pardoning grace, Thy quickening word,
These prompt our song, that God is good.

John Hampden Gurney, 1802-1862
CCLI – 1050955

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